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Size 50 ml.

Sensual woods wrapped in an intense rose, like a line of kohl.

To wear on the first date, to make the night last.


When your look misses a « je ne sais quoi » but it’s too late to change outfits.


one hero raw material

What's oud?

Oud is the fragrant resin produced by certain trees of the Aquilaria genus to protect themselves against the spread of a fungus named Philiaphora Parasitica. Used in India and the Arabian Peninsula since ancient times, oud appears in the Bible as a funeral perfume while in China, this "eagle wood" is still used in traditional medicine to activate the circulation of qi. Now threatened by overexploitation, its cultivation, sale and use are rigorously controlled. The oud we use has a CITES certificate, guaranteeing that its production and sale do not harm the conservation of biodiversity and is based on the sustainable use of wild species

The detail that makes the difference

Pimento berry, the steamy spice that makes rose, oud and olibanum twist and twirl.


Composition set

A discovery set, by and for you. Listen to your inner voice and curate your own personal and evolutive scent signature by choosing 2 to 5 12ml bottles. You can wear them alone or try your hand at layering them, so that no one can wear the same fragrance as you.

Compose your set!

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